Zadna International Investment Co. Ltd. was established in 1996, under the Sudanese Companies Act of 1925: The Holding Company (Zadna International) which has a number of business names:

1- Zadna for roads and bridges

2- Zadna for irrigation and excavations

3- Zadna for construction

4- Agricultural Zadna

Our Goals

Zadna International aims to contribute and participate with other companies in the following developmental activities:

.Implementing and rehabilitating road networks of various types (asphalt – earth)

.Implementing and rehabilitating irrigation stations, networks and channels for agricultural projects

Contribute to the work of urban and residential development through the implementation of residential schemes of various types and the introduction of new mixes in this field.

Participate in the development and renaissance of agriculture through the use of modern methods and techniques in the field of nurseries and the production and import of various fruit varieties (palm – mango – citrus fruits – bananas – grapes …), and the company follows the latest methods in this area.

Our Vision

We strive to provide our services with international standards and modern technologies that qualify us to be the best at the local and international levels.

Our Mission

Excellence in the achievement of business with professionalism and high quality.