Sudan: government invests 100 million dollar in fresh produce cultivation

Sudan is not a well-known exporter of fresh produce yet, but the country has various products arousing foreign interest, including dates, mangoes and grapefruit. These three products were central during Macfrut. It was the second time Sudan participated at the fair, and they had a delegation consisting of several companies.

Grapefruit and dates
Dr Badreldin Elshiek Mohamed of Zadna, a conglomeration of companies, explains that it is grapefruit and date season in Sudan right now. “We receive much government support for agricultural and horticultural projects in Sudan. This allows us to invest in the cultivation and quality of our techniques. One hundred million dollar has been budgeted for the next five years.”

Trial shipments Germany and Italy
Fruit, including limes and bananas, is already being exported to the Netherlands from Sudan. “We have good contacts with Dutch companies, and are now sending trial shipments to German and Italian companies. We are planning on working with a packing company in Italy. After harvesting, we want to have our products packed in Italy, because organisation in Europe is better. It is easier to ship to European buyers from Italy. We see good opportunities in Europe.”

source : freshplaza


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